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ND Rolls out Incentatives for child care workers

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

"North Dakota is looking at ways to stabilize its child-care workforce as parents struggle to find openings. Part of that involves a new initiative that offers incentives to staff at licensed centers in hopes of reducing turnover.

A recent report found that the average child-care worker in North Dakota is paid roughly $11 an hour - barely above poverty level for a family of three in a full-time scenario. The authors say that makes it harder for centers to stay open. Kay Larson, director of the North Dakota Department of Human Services Early Childhood Division, said to counteract the problem, they're offering additional stipends to eligible workers. "We know," said Larson, "that making consistent, stable care available for young children and families is so essential."

Stipends range from $150 to $600 per quarter. Incentives max out at $3,600 per person or when they reach 18 months of participation..

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