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"When we first had Waylon back in June of 2021, we had my fiancés retired mother watching Waylon, which was so nice and convenient because they live on the same farm as us, but that soon ended because my father-in-law had a lung transplant happen in November of 2021. We were stuck at a standstill because now we had to decide how far we wanted to take Waylon. Gackle is 22 miles but the daycare was full so that was not an option. Napoleon was roughly 28 miles, but we really didn’t want to go out of our way and take him there, so we never even investigated that town. Our last option was Wishek, which was sadly 26 miles from our place.  It was a brand-new daycare that popped up during the summer, which made me super nervous because how credible was this person, could I trust them to take care of my child, but we went with them because that was our only option at this point. Mind you I drive 22 miles one way every day to Gackle for work, so my fiancé and I compromised with each other, and he would take Waylon over in the morning and I would get him after school. So, all together I would drive about 80 miles every day."

Paulina Haak

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