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Radio Interview: ND Child Care Action Alliance on Burgum's new investment proposal

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Erin Laverdure member of the ND Child Care Action Alliance and co-founder of a child care co-op in Hazen, ND joined Joel Heitkamp on "News and Views" to talk about Governor Burgum's investment proposal to improve child care in North Dakota.” Listen here.

Laverdure also discussed ND's child care crisis on Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness to discuss the challenges of child care in our state”. Listen here.

Erin Laverdure, North Dakota Child Care Action Alliance: The Governor’s proposal shines a spotlight on the dilemma parents, providers and communities are facing when it comes to access to child care. But, as a child care provider, I see it’s missing the centerpiece to the solution. Child care is a labor issue that is unique in that it affects all other workforces. And, like other businesses, child care providers struggle to recruit and retain workers. Child care workers are essential and deserve wages that reflect the challenging work of caring for young children. A better child care system is in reach for North Dakota and it requires a more comprehensive approach than what the Governor presented.”

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